Making Your Most Important Decision


1. Does conscious existence continue after physical death? (Yes/No/Maybe)


2. What is your source of authority? Can this “authority” be trusted in terms of dispassionate truthfulness, honesty, accuracy, context, and thoroughness? How do you “know”? How can your claims be verified objectively?

Illustration: Given the continually changing nature and the materialist limitations of that which is often called “scientific fact”(and the known fact that many “experts” have been willing to be less than fully honest – often for personal gain or on the basis of social philosophy), how can this source by itself be trusted?


3. If, even, actual scientific fact does not adequately answer life’s most significant questions, what other source(s) of authority should you trust? Obviously, public opinion, wishful thinking, “sticking your head in the sand”, politics, government, media, academia, etc., are irrelevant in this matter.


4. Should you embrace some codified philosophy or make up a philosophy of your own? Problem: Philosophy sometimes provides good questions, but has a consistent historical record of failing to provide good answers.


5. What viable possibilities remain? Answer: Only what are commonly referred to as “religions” and various forms of occult/spiritualistic beliefs/practices, even, deal with metaphysical matters.


6. Are the officially-recognized tenets and/or documents of any of these belief systems thoroughly compatible with truly verified or verifiable factual information from other arenas of knowledge (such as, history)? When carefully examined, which belief system ‘scores’ highest?

If, by this time, you are, still, not certain, examine the “holy” texts for overall (and actual) consistency and credibility. Also, consider what the positive and/or negative results of applying the actual teachings of these various belief systems are. If this does not clarify the matter, you should return to Step #1 and repeat the process.


Fact: Believe it or not – like it or not – of all written “authorities”, only, the Bible can pass all these – and all other -- “acid tests”. Only the God of the Bible is God. Worship of any other is idolatry.


7. Now, will you, please, consider the Bible’s claims concerning Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth?


In the Bible read: John Chapters 1 and 3; Romans 1 through 10; First Corinthians 15.


If, upon reading the these passages of Scripture, you do not sense your need to turn to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in faith and in repentance of your sins, -- just for the sake of honest experimentation, if nothing else – offer up this simple prayer “God, please, show me what do with regard to Jesus Christ (that is, the Messiah).” What do you have to lose? The truth be told, you have, only, good to gain.




Christian Party of America