The Christian Party’s Gold Standard System for Rating Political Candidates


Note: The CPA is the sole developer of the CPA’s “Gold Standard” Candidate Vetting Program, which involves scoring, ranking, and, when and if appropriate, endorsing prospective candidates for any and all political offices. Also, the CPA’s Designated Administrators are the exclusive authorized administrators of this program.


Program Admission Requirements (PAR)


I. Application Requirements


   A. The applicant for candidacy shall not be affiliated with any other political party at

        the time of application nor, if accepted to the program, for two full years from that time.


Note: According to official CPA policy, no candidate(s) of another political party(ies) can be endorsed by the Christian Party.)


        1. The applicant for candidacy must be either a Christian Party member-in-good-standing

            and have been such for no fewer than thirty consecutive days contemporaneous to his/her

            application, or


        2.  The applicant for candidacy must be an independent candidate for, at least, the same

             period of time.


        3. Christian Party members, who apply to this program for candidacy/endorsement, must   

            sign an official agreement to remain a Christian Party member in good standing for no

            less than two consecutive years from the time of acceptance to this candidate

            rating/endorsement program. An independent candidate, who is not a member of any

            political party and who has been accepted into this program, may join the

            Christian Party at any time during his/her candidacy without cancelling his/her

            endorsement or eligibility for endorsement by the Christian Party.


        4.  The applicant for candidacy must confirm that he/she has read and understood the

             “CPA Principles”.


   B. All pertinent legal requirements for the office sought must be met. (Actual filing to run for

        office with the state or county, whichever is appropriate to the office sought, may be

        accomplished after this vetting process has been completed.)

In order to receive the endorsement of the CPA, an application for approval of

candidacy  shall include the following documents:


         1.  A Letter of Agreement to the candidacy from the spouse of the applicant, if married


         2. A Letter of Recommendation for the candidacy from a current or former authority over

             the applicant (i.e., parent, pastor, or employer)


         3. A Signed Commitment of Support from a minimum of ten individuals not of the

            applicant’s immediate family


         4. A signed contract by the applicant, which shall include the following:


            a. the applicant agrees to conduct his/her campaign according to sound ethical principles.


            b. the applicant agrees to support of the “Principles”, platform, and overall goals of the

                Christian Party.


            c. the applicant acknowledges that he/she, if not approved for candidacy, may not

                associate any subsequent campaigning for his/her desired office during the pending

                election cycle with the Christian Party and acknowledges that he/she is not eligible for

                financial assistance from the Christian Party;


            d. that, if rejected, the applicant by his/her signature shall surrender any and all

                future claim(s) and complaint(s) against the Christian Party and its officers, and


            e. that similarly, by signature, if the applicant is approved, and, then, violates one or more

               of the requirements for candidacy – even, if elected -- after having accepting financial      

               support from the Christian Party, must reimburse the Party in full.


(The CPA will supply the official forms for the aforementioned documents in a Candidate Application Packet.)


II. The Screening Test


    A. All applicants who have met the standards listed in the “Application Requirements” section

         (Section I) of this document shall be assigned a date and time for examination.


    B. All applicants, who are examined, shall be evaluated according to the standards listed in the

         “Christian Party of America Candidate Scoring Guide” (which is included in the

         “Candidate Application Packet”. Testing shall be performed by a panel of no fewer than

         three authorized examiners and may be conducted either in person or by means of

         electronic communication.


    C. All examined candidates shall be graded with a percentile score ranging from 0 to 100%.

         Only candidates who receive a combined score (the average of all the examiners’

         individual scores) of 70% or higher will be accepted for possible endorsement. If there are

         two or more accepted candidates for any given political office, the candidates will be

         ranked from highest to lowest in terms of their respective scores. The highest ranking

         candidate, who retains eligibility according to the Christian Party’s standards and

         candidate requirements, will be endorsed for the office under consideration. If an endorsed

         candidate at any time violates any term(s) of the “signed contract” listed in Part I, Section

         B, Subsection 4 of this document, the Christian Party will rescind its endorsement.


III. Extent of Applicability: all candidates and prospective candidates of the Christian Party of

      America for nationwide offices


Note: Previously rejected applicants may re-apply and earn Christian Party eligibility for future

          election cycles and campaigns.


Disclaimer: Neither the Christian Party of America, nor any of its state affiliates, nor any of its local affiliates, representatives of any or all of the same shall bear any legal, financial, or other obligation or responsibility with respect to any candidate(s), prospective candidate(s), or conditions arising with respect to any candidacy(ies) in connection to this program. The Christian Party of America, its state affiliates, its local affiliates, and representatives of any or all of the same are fully indemnified.



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