To Our Members, Affiliates, and Friends,

The following are examples of the major objections that we face in recruiting, with sound responses included. The objections vary (such as in wording), somewhat, from person to person, but the actual meanings are consistently the same. The bold italicized portions cover the most basic parts of the responses. The regular italicized portions supply additional support to rebut the objections.

Objection #1: The Republican Party is America’s only real hope.

Response: If that were true, America would have no hope, at all. The consistent behavior of the Republican Party and its representatives, right up until now, has been betrayal of those who they claim to represent and capitulation to liberal Democrats. What evidence is there that this deadly trend will, ever, change? When the Republicans are not working with the Democrats to undermine America in various ways, they, typically, fail or refuse to reverse the Democrats‟ assaults on our rights, freedoms, and prosperity – usually, making lame excuses for their betrayals. Anyway, if there is a choice between truly American interests, on one hand, and globalist/corporate interests, on the other, the Republicans will, usually, side with the globalists. By the way, the Ron Paul movement, the Tea Parties, etc., will not be able to stop the entrenched
Republican leadership from behaving this way.

Objection #2: A “third party” can, never, win.

Response: That's strange. A former “fourth party” party called “the Republican Party”,
already, has won – big, at times. When they started out there were three larger parties in existence. The two big parties or, rather, two wings of the one big, ruling party, work to together with each other and the big media to keep opposing parties, candidates, and ideas off the ballot and out of the public eye. Besides, a person‟s vote (and other political support) is not supposed to be a bet on a horse race or a football pool; it‟s an indication or test of the person's character.

Objection #3: Well, it’ll take 20 (or 30 or 40…) years for any new or third party to be able to  win.

Response: Well, in history, the case of the Republican Party, itself, proves that such is not the case. However, even, if you won't believe the testimony of historical evidence, I, still, suggest that you get on board, now. This way you won't be working to delay the growth of this truly American party – this real hope for America – any longer.

Objection #4: This is the most important election (i.e., election year) in our lifetime, therefore,  you have to stick with the Republicans, at least, one more time…It’s no time for a “third  party”…

Response: This is what the Republicans will say in 2012, 2014, 2016…, just like they said it in 2008, 2006, 2004…1976… When will you stop allowing them to use this sucker game on you? All they do with power is, further, degrade the country, though, in a somewhat different way and, perhaps, at a different speed than the Democrats. How long will you continue to drink their snake oil – their false choice between the neo-con, open borders, globalist Republicans and the liberal, open borders, globalist Democrats?

Objection #5: You have to vote for the lesser of the two evils, if you want to win.

Response: Even if that were true — which it is not – it is an obvious and disgusting rejection of clear Biblical principle and Christian morality on the matter. God's word and will extend to all areas of human affairs. True disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ cannot in good conscience embrace such an abomination. While, from the Biblical Christian perspective, there are, no doubt, numerous flaws in this unsound form of philosophizing, let‟s cut to the heart of the matter. For a Christian to accept such a canard he/she must be willing to accept, at least, two potentially, blasphemous notions (though, at this time, most American Christians don’t understand such facts). First, this objection assumes that it is useless (or, at best, insufficient) to trust and obey (fully) the Lord in this matter. Second, it assumes that all-holy God excuses or, perhaps, even endorses, the commission of some type and degree of evil — and this seems to
imply a third blasphemy, i.e., that such sinful behavior may, even accomplish His all-holy ends! When properly exposed, such reasoning is offensive and scandalous to true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus is not Lord over all areas of a believer’s life, that believer has one or more “idols” in his/her life. The Republican Party and its supposed unique efficacy with respect to “saving” our nation, can, surely, be an idol in a person’s life. Sadly, this is the sorry situation in the lives of multitudes of “professing Christians”, who vote in elections throughout his country. Millions of American "Christians‟ trust (in robot-like fashion) in either the Republican Party or the
Democratic Party to deliver our nation from destruction. (Also, they frequently trust in one or more talk show hosts [often, parroting or, otherwise, citing their favorite idols utterances as though canonical].) Why don‟t they trust the Savior, according to His word? No wonder God has so obviously been chastising the USA! By the way, it should be asked, how has that lesser-of-two-evils, two-party, left-right, etc., scam
been working in recent years?

Objection #6: You will, just, steal (or split) the Republican vote (or the Republican Party’s conservative base).

Response: When did the Republicans come to own the votes of other people? Is it their
birthright or did they buy the votes of millions of other American citizens? Obviously, no one has any claim at all to anyone else's vote. To claim otherwise is ridiculous on the face. By the way, what's the Republican definition of “conservative”, this week?

Objection #7: We’re running out of time. We have to stick with the Republicans or we will lose  our country, our freedoms, and about everything else.

Response: If we, as American Christians, stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ as we should, He will provide us with all we need to do His will, including the time. It is painfully obvious in many ways that the Republicans, as well as the Democrats, have consciously parted company with the God of the Bible (as well as the Constitution and our Founding traditions). They cannot (and will not) save you from such threats as national bankruptcy, the destruction of our national sovereignty, globalism, Communist China, or creeping Islam, which are encroaching upon our nation – because of them!

Objection #8: I vote for the person, not the party.
Response: That is, pretty much, pure self-deception. If the candidate on the ballot, who you vote for, has a letter by his name, such as, “D” or “R”, you ARE voting for his party – the party he has joined and which holds his loyalty, unless and until he chooses to leave it. He WILL, regardless, of how wonderful a person he may be, support his party (and its interests, bills, policies, etc.) the vast majority of the time. I am reminded of the arrogance of a Republican congressman from Texas, who was being interviewed right after voting for the first big bank bailout, which G.W. Bush, et al., brought forth. This “conservative” congressman – Kevin Brady, by name — admitted that about 80% of his constituents, who called in concerning the matter, voiced opposition to this unconstitutional piece of legislation. However, then, in characteristic ruling class arrogance, Brady calmly defended his sorry deed by saying, “I believe my people expect me to represent their interests, not their opinions,” assuming a position
of superiority. Incidentally, if you are counting on the Paul family, the Tea Parties, et al., to redeem the Republican Party, you are, likely, to be in for a rude awakening. The two big parties are owned – lock, stock, and barrel – from the top-down by globalist elites. Inside that two-party political machine, the grassroots folks can, always, have their efforts blunted. Outside that monstrosity, it’s another matter, altogether.

Objection #9: I’ve heard that the Christian Party is a bunch of Christian religious fanatics.
Response: (1) Well, if you are a Christian, do you consider yourself to be a fanatic? (2) Do you consider your Christian friends and neighbors to be fanatics? (Both) Every survey on the matter that comes out indicates that over 70% of the US population claims to be Christian. (Most of the Founding Fathers viewed themselves as Christians, too.) Now, whether or not all those Americans are (or were) truly Christian or not, the general opinion is clear – most Americans have, always, viewed themselves as Christians – and they, still, do . So, why should a Christian-based and led Constitutional party be a problem? Besides, no one wants to create a church-state or deny anyone’s rights. In fact, just the opposite is the case. We want to maximize freedom under just law for all law-abiding American citizens. Further, is it a strange or dangerous idea that likeminded people would want join together in a private, voluntary organization, simply, to promote their own harmless point-of-view? Secularists and others do it all the time. Moreover, we do not suppress the liberties of others, simply, by exercising our own. If this were not true, every person, who ever promoted a particular opinion in the political
arena, which did not, already, possess universal acceptance, would be guilty of suppressing the rights of others.

Objection #10: I’m not a Christian, but I am a Constitutionalist.
Response: We welcome you as a “Friend of the Party”. However, we hold to the counsel of First Chief Justice John Jay, who pointed out that this “Christian nation” should “prefer Christians” for its leaders. We believe that devout Christians are, generally, more constrained to be accountable for their actions. And, we will hold them accountable to the Constitution and their oath of office. We, therefore, require a personal Christian profession for sustaining, that is, intra-party voting, membership. If this does not satisfy your concerns, may I suggest that you consider our friends in the AIP, who do not have this requirement. Nevertheless, the most important issue in life is not political; it’s spiritual. I hope you will, seriously, study and consider the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Objection #11: I don’t think you should mix religion and politics.
Response: Well, it happens, regularly, from most all quarters. In fact, at times, it's
unavoidable, even, for many professing secularists. Worldview issues come into play all the time, believe it or not – like it or not.

Objection #12: You people are off-base, because the Founding Fathers were, just, a bunch of  deists.
Response: Well, you are, certainly, at liberty to believe a falsehood — such as that bit of
historical revisionism. If you insist upon that error, you may wish to check out the
Libertarians. They may well agree with you.

Objection #13: We’re so close to the rapture that it’s all a waste of time.
Response: Serving the Lord, no matter the situation, is, never, “a waste of time”. Remember: Jesus said, “Occupy till I come.” That is, “Do business till I come.” (Luke 19:13) He did not exclude proper Christian citizenship from that command. Besides, if you believe, as the erring Thessalonians did, that we should, just, stop all “non-spiritual” activity and wait for the Lord to take us out of this world, you should start by quitting your job, stop sending your children to school, stop watching football games, quit going on vacations, stop eating at restaurants…

Objection #14: Do you want to take away the freedom of others and, maybe, try to set up a church/state or theocracy?
Response: No, of course, not. Rather, we seek to hold ourselves and the candidates, who we vet and support, to a higher standard. Also, we, fully, intend to protect our party’s core values and character by employing certain internal safeguards against subversion. The fact that the original intents and principles in other parties — especially, the big ones — have been undermined and, largely, tossed aside is obvious. We wish to restore the protections all U.S. citizens’ rights under just law, not diminish them (unlike the Democrats and the Republicans). Also, whoever may be foolish enough to try to establish a “theocracy” in America or the American political system will find himself both
totally opposed by us and, far more than that, in the hopeless position of competing against the one true and proper theocracy, the Kingdom of Heaven. Further, it will only be physically placed in power on earth when the Lord Jesus Christ personally and physically returns to earth – no sooner. He controls that matter; no one, here, below does. In attempting to lead the way toward the restoration of the Constitutional Republic, two of our primary goals are: (1) developing and presenting superior candidates for public office – true statesmen, who will perform as true public servants, and not as petty, self-serving politicians or party hacks…; and (2) providing an uncompromising opportunity for Christians and others with high moral values to be fully involved as good citizens in the complete range of public life. As a matter of good sense and intellectual honesty it is commendable for citizens to educate themselves about the true, original intent of the broad base of Founding Fathers in creating the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. Within this context an honest examiner will,
necessarily conclude that the Johnny-come-lately yammering about “separation of church and state” springs from a jaundiced and recent misreading of a private letter from President Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury, Connecticut BAPTISTS, seeking to assuage their concerns about government intrusion into their lives and their churches – not the other way around. In fact, President Jefferson was alluding to a then locally-popular idea attributed to Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island. This idea, “the garden and the wilderness” analogy, was presented by Williams, a champion of religious liberty. The orderly, peaceful, pleasant “garden” represented the church (or churches). The wild, out-of-control “wilderness” represented the government. The
point of the message is that the garden (the church) needed a strong defensive “wall of
separation” to protect it from the wilderness (the government), not the other way around. The reversal of interpretation of this matter took place, only, in the 1940’s. The new revisionist misinterpretation was created out of thin air. Finally, a plain reading of the First Amendment will prove to any honest person, who is literate in the English language, that such words and ideas as “separation of church and state” are, simply, not there. In order to find such ideas one may look to the constitution of the former Soviet Union.

Objection #15: Members of a party that has the word “Christian” in its name had better not show human frailty.
Response: All Christians are “saved” human beings, but human beings, nonetheless.
Therefore, expecting sinless perfection of us is an unreasonable notion (likely promoted by a perverse, self-serving motive). [Usually, the ones doing the “expecting” have no room to criticize, because, when they do, they reveal themselves to be dishonest, small-souled hypocrites, attempting to justify their own wrong-doing.] As disciples of Jesus Christ we are to strive to serve God at all points, attempting to avoid sin. Even so, we fall short. Nevertheless, the overall character of a believer’s life and, thus, the character of the lives of our Party’s members is more accurately the issue at hand. Our intention is to grow more like Christ as we grow in Christ. We seek to walk rightly all along, but in His time the Lord will fully transform His own people. He is our Judge – and everyone else‟s, too. No lost sinner is competent to stand in for Him. If, in general, we do not conduct ourselves in a manner more in keeping with God’s teachings than others, then, there is room for legitimate criticism of the specks in our eyes from those who do not have beams in their own eyes. If the sins of some members are sufficient cause to make a party such as ours illegitimate — unworthy of joining, maintaining, supporting, or existing – then, it seems that a similar argument can be made against the continued existence of every local church and Christian denomination. Moreover, no sane, clear-headed Christian could believe that he/she should cease identifying with the Lord, based upon the fact that he/she does not, as yet, have a perfect, sinless walk with Him. Besides, it is obvious that the CPA cannot ensure with absolute certainty that everyone who joins our Party is truly “born again”. For those who do not have a walk with Him, at all, I suggest that you carefully and prayerfully read John and Romans in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Your life could be dramatically changed for the better.


For One Nation under God,
Clell M. Drumheller, II
Christian Party of America
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