Candidate Application/Contract with the Christian Party of America


I, ___________________________, (hereinafter “the applicant”) request to be officially vetted and, if approved, endorsed by the Christian Party of America (hereinafter “CPA”) as its official candidate for the office of _______________________ for the ____ election cycle.


Personal Information:




Name: ____________________________________________________


Names of other family members on application (if applicable):       

1.                    2.                    3.                    4.                    5.


Mailing Address:____________________________________________


Physical residence (if different): ________________________________


City/Zip.: __________________________________________________


Home phone: __________________ Cell: ________________________


E-mail: ____________________________________________________


Website: ___________________________________________________


County and State of residence: __________________________________


I am a “full member” of the CPA. Yes __ No __ (Check the appropriate blank.)

I am not a member of any political party. Yes __ No __ (Check the appropriate blank.)


Membership in another political party disqualifies

an applicant from approval without exception.


I agree without reservation to the following:

  1. I agree to conduct my campaign according to sound ethical, that is, Biblical                           Christian principles;

 2. I agree to support of the “Principles” (and other founding documents of the CPA), the         platform, and the overall goals of the CPA;

 3. I agree that, if not approved for candidacy, I may not associate any subsequent                        campaigning for my desired office during the pending election cycle with the CPA and        I acknowledge that I am not eligible for financial assistance from the CPA;

 4. I agree that, if not approved for candidacy, I shall surrender any and all future claim(s)       and complaint(s) against the CPA and its officers – they are fully indemnified -- and;

 5. I agree that if I am approved for candidacy, and, then, violate one or more of the                   requirements for candidacy – even, if elected -- after having accepting                                       financial support  from the CPA, I must reimburse the CPA in full.


I certify my agreement to the provisions the CPA’s vetting program and the provisions of this contract, and, further, certify that all information entered herein is true and correct on this _________ day of ___________________, in the year of our Lord _____ by affixing my own true signature _____________________________________ of my own free will and with the full knowledge and understanding of my action of so doing.




Notary’s Signature ________________________ Notary’s Stamp ________________________

Notary’s Printed Name _____________________Date ______________


For CPA Office use only



Authorized CPA Representative’s Signature ________________________________

Authorized CPA Representative’s Printed Name _____________________________

Date ____________


Mail all completed forms to:


              Christian Party of America

             218 Chesterfield Circle, 

             Waxahachie, Texas 75165



Christian Party of America    

     218 Chesterfield Ctrcle Waxahachie, Texas 75165

Telephone #: 1-832-975-5058


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