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Our Principles

1.  100 % Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, and Pro-Private  Property Ownership.

2.  Complete National Sovereignty for the USA.

3.  Maintain Strong National Defense of the  actual interests of the                   United States, only with this Secure Our Borders, Interior, Language,          and Culture, as well as Embrace Fair Trade Policy.

4.  Return the Rule of Law to Our Nation -- ending the Rule of                           Prominent Personalities  and unaccountable entities that, currently,           dominates.

5.  Truly Constitutional, Limited Government at all levels -- according  to        the principles of Strict Construction and Original Intent.

6.  Restore All Constitutional Rights and Protections to Citizens. US                 Constitutional Rights are, only, for Actual Citizens of the USA.

7.  Restore Home Rule, as well as States Rights and Sovereignty.

8.  Rescind the 16th (concerning the Federal Personal Income Tax) and            17th (concerning the way U.S. Senators are elected) Amendments.

9.  Eliminate all Taxes Other than Those Permitted in the Original                   Constitution and practiced by the Nation's Founders.

10. End Unconstitutional Government Spending -- and the Federal                    Reserve System -- and  return to sound, backed money.

11.  Congressional Reform.

12. Good Character, as determined by observed behavior, on the Part of            Those in Public Office, based on the standards of our Judeo-Christian        Heritage.

America Needs YOU!

In our lifetime we have witnessed politician after politician break promise after promise. They have worked for themselves and not for the constituents that put them in office. The Christian Party of America has strict guidelines for its candidates, which we employ to hold them accountable to us as a Party and to the people of our nation. 

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